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Interested in making the most of your online presence? We've pulled out all the stops in developing this streamlined theme - Optimized for AdSense.

Optimized for AdSense Theme offers:

1) Valuable tips on where to place AdSense ads for maximum CTR (click-through-rate)
2) All-text, no button, navigation for improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization
3) Hand-written HTML code for minimal load time
4) Limited graphics for minimal load time
5) 1,800 word tutorial developed specifically for this theme, to help you make the most of its incredible potential for success.

Download Optimized for AdSense Theme | Free Website Template
Folder includes files for blue, red and green color pallets.

Visit How to Build an AdSense Optimized Website | Free Website Template | Tutorial

Optimized for AdSense Theme (Blue) | Free Website Template

AI Design File, Images, HTML File, CSS File Included

Optimized for AdSense Theme (Red) | Free Website Template

AI Design File, Images, HTML File, CSS File Included

Optimized for AdSense Theme (Green) | Free Website Template

AI Design File, Images, HTML File, CSS File Included

Helpful Tips:

Editing Your Free Website Template
Your template is completely editable with Abobe Illustrator. If you don't already own this program, you can download a 30 day free trial at Adobe.com. You may also wish to download a trial version of DreamWeaver to turn your new template into code for the web. If your knowledge of this super tecky website stuff is limited, you can simply pass this template along to a website designer in your area, and save hundreds in design costs.

Stock Images
Attractive images can enhance your content and add visual interest to your website. Quality royalty-free images can be purchased at iStockPhoto.com and ClipArt.com.

Website Architecture
How many clicks do you think it should take for your visitor to get from Point A to Point B? The answer is no more than four. Keeping the architecture of your website "flat", following the home>category>brand>product principle, will not only help your visitors navigate to your product or content easily, but it will help tremendously with your search engine optimization efforts.

Website Analytics
Consider adding an analytics solution to your website. This tool will help you to know which marketing efforts are working, and which ones aren't.

How to Create Content That Attracts Visitors
Most top ranking pages have three things in common: 1) Keyword density; 2) They reside on medium-to-large websites; and 3) Quality. The first two elements will help your web pages to be found. The third will keep visitors coming back.

Google AdWord Keyword Tool
Knowing how people search for products is an important first step in learning how to be successful on the internet. The Google AdWord Keyword Tool is a recommended free tool for keyword research.


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