What Will it Cost to Get Started ?


Starting an online business is typically less expensive than starting a traditional business. The following guide will provide you with a list of the basics.

Domain Name
Your first expense will be the purchase of a domain name. The cost of registering a domain name starts at about $10 for one year of service. To keep things simple you may want to register your domain name with the same company that will provide your website hosting.

Website Hosting
Just before you are ready to launch your website, you will need to purchase a website hosting package. Hosting is a service for housing, serving, and maintaining website files. A website hosting service subscription will allow visitors to access your website through their internet connection. If you are just starting out, it's best to begin with the hosting plan that is the least expensive. Hosting packages start at about $60 per year, though you may like the idea of paying by the month until your website can support this expense. Talk to your web designer before you purchase a hosting package, and try to resist the "extras."

Website Design
Website design is the most significant expense. Here we will offer 3 options to consider: 1) a blog; 2) a low-cost templet website; and a 3) custom designed website.

1) Blogs

  • Pro: A blog is the easiest, least expensive way to begin a passive income website. It offers free blog software, free designs, and ease of management. If you have written a college paper using the computer, you can manage a blog.

  • Con: Blogs offer less flexibility than a traditional website.

2) Templates

  • Pro: The goal of using a template is to significantly reduce design production time, and thus significantly reduce your cost. A template-based website offers more flexibility than a blog, and can be created for a few hundred dollars. Templates may be customized to some extent to meet your needs.

  • Con: Templates limit your ability to express your own unique character.

3) Custom Designs

  • Pro: Custom website design allows the most flexibility, and the greatest ability to express your own unique character.

  • Con: Custom designed websites can be expensive to build, depending on your expectations. However, figuring out what's important to your success and what isn't, and learning a little about HTML so that you can add pages to your website on your own, may make a custom designed website a much more affordable option.

When working will a web designer, always have a clear idea of what you want. Provide examples. Review their portfolio to see if you like the look of the websites they have created. Doing so will give you the results you want.

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